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This particular fanlisting is the official Fanlisting For Walter Gay of Charles Dickens' novel, "Dombey and Son."

Walter Gay

Walter is a character in Charles Dickens' seventh novel, "Dombey and Son." Walter is a merry, fresh-faced curly haired lad who likes stories of adventures and heroes. He is the orphaned nephew of the nautical instrument maker Solomon Gills. Walter is a clerk in the office of Mister Dombey, a powerful, rich businessman. When Dombey's angelic daughter, Florence, becomes lost in London, it is Walter who saves her and returns her home. The two children form a fast friendship. Walter is clearly smitten by the pretty Florence and Florence in return, adores Walter as a brother.
As time goes on, Dombey is made uneasy by their apparent fondness for one another, as is his manager, Mister Carker, who harbors some latent designs for Miss Dombey himself. When a position in the firm opens up in Barbados, Carker is the first to mention it to Dombey, who sends Walter away to take the job.
Broken-hearted and thinking of Florence, Walter bids his friends and family farewell and takes to sea.
When his ship is lost enroute and no word is heard of him for years, Walter is believed by all to be drowned.


There are very few characters I can say I love so so dearly it actually, physically, hurts. Walter, is one such precious character. I love Walter. I love him because he's cheerful, because he's sweet, because he's honest, because he loves adventure, because he's in love, because he is innocent and youthful.
His manner is so sweet and kind. Everything he says and does makes me tear up. Perhaps my deep adoration for him springs from his long session of M.I.A. in the novel. Everyone knows the old adage: absence makes the heart grow fonder.
I think Walter is wonderful and though he is a minor character in a more obscure Dickens novel, I wanted to make some page to honor his fantastic character; to perhaps, introduce him to a few more people who don't yet know what they're missing in not knowing him. To Walter! You stand in fine company with a very select few who have absolutely touched my heart.


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All quotations are from the book, "Dombey and Son" by Charles Dickens.


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