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Remember: A David Copperfield Tribute
Better Angel: Anges Wickfield Fanlisting
Umblest Person Going: Uriah Heep Fanlisting

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because i have no life, here is a sample of the margin of my notes from class.

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consider yourself
click and download to your desktop please. ah, jack wild. there will never be a better artful dodger, ever. this is the signature song "consider yourself" from the stage play gone feature length musical, "oliver!"
the cd soundtrack may be found at amazon here. purchase it, you know you want to.

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charles dickens: oliver twist
must always list this first. this is an absolutely amazing database-type site dedicated to all of dickens' works. to ease the flow of your life, this happens to be the front page of the "oliver twists" subsection.

hidden london: oliver twist
this is the kind of tour i do while in london.

oliver! page
how precious is this internet rarity? an oliver! page with the most compleat collection of multimedia thoroughfare i've found relating to the dickensian tale.

this is so incredibly wrong. why do people insist on extending character's stories? there's a magwitch equivalent to this somewhere.

escape of the artful dodger
just when you thought it could get no worse, enter australian television. i would totally pay money to see this series.

oliver twist
yeah, yeah, let's cut to the good stuff. this is the online text of "oliver twist" as written by charles dickens.

if your dickensian character lust must still be sated, feel free to visit gentleman, lost at sea and amigoarawaysoo for further enjoyment.