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pip's wuthering heights
pip reaches a passionate height with his emotions when he confesses the ardency of his love for estella. this moves me to tears every time. how could your heart not swoon to death with these words?

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charles dickens: great expectations
this is an absolutely wonderful site dedicated to all of dickens' works. this happens to be the front page of the "great expectations" subsection. this is a site you could lose yourself in for hours and hours. par excellent. i love it so.

great expectations the fanlisting
if you like pip, perhaps you like his story. this is the fanlisting for the novel, "great expectations."

the diary of phillip pirrip
not quite secret, but a diary nonetheless. this is the diary of the real mr. pip, ha! as if we could love him better, right? i haven't actually read this all the way through so i cannot fully vouch for its contents, but it rather intrigued me anyway as a creative site, for you know how prevalent creative pip sites are out there in e-space!

great expectations the miniseries
i hold this miniseries close to my heart. i love it. it is practically the book verbatim one can hardly make complaints about it, because it is so close to the novel. very good, well acted, oh rapture.
notes of interest: herbert's bad hair, this pip actor is also in the famous "pride and prejudice" miniseries, jean simmons is miss havisham

great expectations the 1946 film
also known as the most expensive dvd ever. just to ease your wonderings, a. it is not gilded and b. it does not smell of chocolate.
these points aside, it is still worth purchase. this is often considered the definitive dickensian film adaptation and rightly so. it is true to the essence of the novel within the classic confines of a regularly lengthed film. it is stunningly shot, well acted and good over all, even if it is a bit sentimentalized.
notes of interest: herbert's bad hair, shirtless pip, obi wan kenobi, jean simmons as young estella

great expectations: interviews
oh my god. what is this? the guy who plays pip needs to learn how to read cue cards more discretely. har! and i think miss havisham is a man. i laughed heartily at this. actually i did this in school, but with "les misérables." i was the host of a prostitute talk show called, "whore confessions" with the guest fantine.
p.s. ooh... the estella team used imovie. i recognize that title option. estella is great, "which of course, i didn't."

great expectations
finally for those of you who are here and have never read charles dickens' novel, the online version of the text for you. hurrah!

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