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this particular fanlisting is official fanlisting dedicated to phillip pirrip, universally known as "pip," the protagonist of charles dickens' novel, "great expectations."

pip ::

pip is the protagonist of dickens' thirteenth novel, "great expectations." he is an orphan who is raised "by hand" by his abusive sister, mrs. gargery, some 20 years his elder and her husband, the good blacksmith, joe gargery.
one day as a child, pip is threatened by and decides to aide and abet, an escaped convict named magwitch. the convict is later caught and exiled to australia, but pip's interaction with magwitch becomes an event which will change his life forever.
pip soon is taken to the satis house. a run down victorian mansion, owned by bitter, witchly spinster, miss havisham, who lives in the tattered remains of a wedding dress, as she was left by her intended on the day of her wedding. also at the satis house, lives estella, the beautiful adopted daughter of miss havisham, reared to wreak revenge on the male sex for the wrongs done to miss havisham.
pip immediately falls for the beautiful girl. her haughty nature instills in him a desire and ambition to become a gentleman. pip is released from his visits to the satis house when he takes up an apprenticeship at the forge with joe.
some years later, a lawyer, mr. jaggers, comes to pip and presents him with an opportunity of great fortunes, pip having been chosen by an anonymous benefactor to receive an undisclosed sum of wealth after he comes of age. pip believes in his heart, miss havisham must be his benefactress. pip takes the opportunity thus presented to him and becomes a young man of great expectations.
pip takes leave of the marshes and his home to live in london. there he becomes a gentleman, befriends his roommate, herbert pocket and jaggers' clerk, mr. wemmick. eventually, estella comes to town, more beautiful than ever and pip ardently loves her still.
pip becomes proud and ashamed of his childhood friends and obsessive in his love for estella who warns him she still has no heart. when his emotions peak and he is some years of age, pip's mysterious benefactor makes himself known and pip's world is thrown apart.

"great expectations" is often considered dickens' masterpiece, as it makes the best use of dickensian characterization, plot and style. it is the second and last novel narrated by a male, the first being "david copperfield" though "great expectations" is far more palpably melancholy than the former novel and pip much more arrogant than david as a protagonist. "great expectations," also like "david copperfield," is said to have an autobiographical bend to it, though not as obvious as that in "david copperfield." "great expectations" famously has two endings, the original which was forfeited by dickens' at the last moment on the advice of a friend and a second "happier" ending. most modern versions both versions (p.s. the original is better).

why ::

i love pip. he's flawed, he has issues, he's arrogant but for all these reasons he is so incredibly engaging. i want to slap him up the side of the head but at the same time feel so much for him when he pines for estella. he's heartbreaking and he moves me, that is why i wanted to make this site.
also, when i was 13 i desperately wanted to marry him. need i more?

layout ::

this layout features a screen capture from a&e's miniseries, "pride and prejudice" staring jennifer ehle and colin firth, which was found on a site which has since been closed. firth here is made to represent pip and ehle, of course, estella.
lyrics in the alt tags are from the song, "hallelujah" as sung by jeff buckley and any extra texts found in the subpages which is not mine, are from "great expectations."

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