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this particular fanlisting is for the character phineas of the novel "a separate peace" by john knowles.

phineas, known also as finny, is a handsome, confident, flamboyant, supremely athletic and above all else, wonderfully good-hearted young boarding school student. he is popular among his peers because he does things the other boy students could not get away with in the strict boarding school environment or simply are unable to do at all. he wears pink shirts, he uses his school tie as a belt while having tea with the headmaster and breaks a school athletic record just because he feels like it. phineas is unstoppable and charismatic.
finny boards with another student, gene, while at school. gene both idolizes and is envious of his fantastic roommate and two become best friends. gene at one point states phineas is unique in humankind in that he does not recognize the darker side of people. this same belief, however, puts phineas in a perilous position when with gene. aware of only himself and naively believing all others are like him in his genuine purity of feeling, he fails to see gene's inner turmoil and growing resentment. gene, jealous and obsessive about phineas, ultimately pushes him from a tree, seriously injuring his leg, leaving finny, the athlete, crippled. even after the horrific accident, however, phineas refuses to recognize gene's darker nature until, ultimately, it is too late.

phineas is a wonderful character, charming, fun and innocent and i adore him. i named a cat after him once. i decided to make this listing while off interning in southern california one somethere. there, i met a girl who also remembered and loved phineas. it made me wonder, maybe i wasn't the only one? - and here's hoping!
this layout features images which were discovered on an old disc of mine, they are of jude law and (save me, i admit this) orlando bloom from two sites which no longer exist. both actors were meant to represent finny, but now that i examine things more closely, bloom seems more of a gene as law's torso on the splash page phineas, but whatever.
the quotation on the front page is from the novel itself and is of gene describing phineas sleeping and dawn breaking on the beach.

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