Charles Dickens Page:: I always link this site. It is one of the most comprehensive Dickens sites I have ever had the pleasure of coming upon.

Dickens Page:: Just in case there is anything left over you need after the above link, here is another wonderfully extensive site.

Life of an Author:: An absolutely wonderful biography compleat with images of Dickens' own notes.

Dickens House Virtual Tour:: This is entertainment at its best. I was there in actual for real life and I have to say the one thing left out on this virtual tour is the secret room on the top floor which is filled with "Planet of the Apes" memorabilia (you will only see this room if you go sans tour guide like I did, I'm sure).

Mark Twain on Charles Dickens:: From one great author about another. This is an article penned by the famous American author, Mark Twain ("Tom Sawyer," "The Adventures of Hucklberry Finn"). It's an absolutely delightful first-hand account of one of Dickens' American readings.

John Irving on NPR:: Another more contemporary author, John Irving ("Cider House Rules") discusses and reads from Dickens in an NPR interview.


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