preface ::

this is the preface to the 'charles dickens' edition of the novel "david copperfield," wherein dickens cites the book as a favourite piece of his work endeavors.

quotes ::

little em'ly on the beach
i first read david copperfield years ago. when i picked up the book again, the single only thing i could remember was little em'ly and david on the beach.

highlights of the first few exchanges david shares with the infamous j. steerforth, back when they were both young and innocent. i always liked steerforth. is that wrong?

the eldest miss larkins
one of david's more ardent crushes. i really related to this at the time so it still strikes me as very humorous.

david gets drunk. need i saw more? david makes me laugh. this section highlights the greatest moments in david's most famous drunken episode, which eventually led to the name of this site. someone hand davey the wine and let the fun begin.

on housekeeping
domestics with the copperfields. highlights from the chapter, "our housekeeping" wherein david describes the early days of his marriage to dora.

little blossoms fade
david's child wife fades. this made me cry for an incredibly long amount of time. i am naming my future daughter dora.

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amigoaraway int'rest club
might as well get the most important links listed first, eh? if you're on livejournal, i beg you, proclaim your love for david copperfield by listing "amigoarawaysoo" in your interests list.

david copperfield
this link comes from a great database type place, which every dickensian site links; here, for your convenience, is the david copperfield section.

the david copperfield site
because any site with a david copperfield messageboard is so all right in my book. the phiz illustration portion is my favourite part of this site.

david copperfield
hurrah for online texts. for those of you who are randomly here wondering, "who is david copperfield? the magic dude?" go read the dickens tale!