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a fanlisting, just as its name implies, is a listing of fans for a given topic. the concept of a fanlisting was thought up by the one person, janine, some time ago. there is only one approved fanlisting per subject and all the approved fanlists make up an immense database at, which is manned by some 60 volunteers.
this particular fanlisting is the official fanlisting dedicated to david copperfield the protagonist of charles dickens' novel of the same name, "david copperfield."

david ::

david copperfield is the narrator protagonist of charles dickens' eighth novel. david is born at the stroke of midnight on a friday night, six months after the death of his father. he has no family other than an aunt, who disowns him at his birth and his mother. despite his dramatic beginnings, however, david lives a blissful early life with his pretty, young mother and nurse, peggoty.
when david is still quite young, his mother attracts the attentions of a man named edward murdstone.
david is sent away with peggoty to visit her family down in yarmouth. there, david befriends mr. peggoty, peggoty's brother, his niece and nephew, little em'ly and ham and mrs. gummidge. david, as much as a very young boy can, loves little em'ly and spends his time with her collecting shells on the beach.
when david returns home from his visit, he finds his mother has married mr. murdstone and his sister have come to live in their home. davidŐs blissful days are checked. his mother fades and withers under the cruelty of the murdstones. david is sent away to school, where he befriends both james steerforth, a charismatic youth and the kind hearted thomas traddles.
david is soon forced to leave school, however, when word comes to him his mother has finally died. david is then sent away to labor under the word of mr. murdstone. peggoty, though married and living in yarmouth, keeps in contact with david.
david lives in poverty with the micawber family, despite their company, david is miserable and unhappy. eventually he runs away to the mercies of his aunt, who upon denouncing the murdstones, adopts david.
living with his aunt and her friend mr. dick, david flourishes. he goes to school and becomes acquainted with the gentle agnes wickfield and the uneasy villain, uriah heep. after compleating school, david begins the process of becoming a proctor and falls desperately in love with dora spendlow.
as his life continues, the people he has met in his childhood come together and interact. david lives and loves and loses. it is the story of his life.
the story of "david copperfield" is a thinly veiled retelling of dickens' own life experience and at the time was proclaimed to be the author's own favourite piece of work.

why ::

i love david, i love him because he loves and because sometimes i feel i really can relate to his character in all his heart-dramas. i adore the first misgivings of david's untrained heart. i love reading about him as he grows up. you become entranced with his world and life until you are almost a part of it. at times i would laugh out loud at him and other times i would cry till i hurt. when david leaves you at the end of his narrative, you miss him terribly. he is wholly engaging and kind.

layout ::

this layout features a screen capture from a&e's miniseries, "pride and prejudice" staring colin firth, which was found on a site which has since been closed. firth here is made to represent mister david.
lyrics in the alt tags are from the song, "in my life" as sung by john lennon in the famous beatles' song. any extra text found in the subpages here, which is not mine, comes from the novel "david copperfield" itself.

title ::

the somewhat ambiguous word, "amigoarawaysoon" was first coined by david copperfield in a rather youthful episode of compleat drunkenness with steerforth. david goes to the theatre intoxicated where he finds agnes. in a loud manner, david comes over to her. agnes, embarrassed asks him, "are you going away soon?" to which, david repeats back to her, "amigoarawaysoo?"
it is one of my most favourite passages in the book. never have i laughed so hard in all my life. i was in figure drawing at the time. it was actually a little embarrassing.

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